Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm Done

I'm finished with the Harry Potter beanie for my daughter. Two of the one-million knitted items she wants in the Gryffindor theme! Next she wants mittens or fingerless gloves, so I guess I will have to bite the bullet and get started on them. Now that fall is here, I want to knit more socks for me, but she does need some warm things for winter and I should be happy just to be able to knit! Here is a picture of the hat:

I think knitting several things in the same color scheme makes me feel like I'm not "done" with anything, but actually I have finished both the scarf and the beanie using the maroon and gold yarn. I have to find a good fingerless glove pattern - I think I want to make the kind that is more of a fingerless mitten - I don't want to deal with making fingers.

And just for fun I have added a picture of the latest socks I finished. I finished them over the summer, but didn't put up a picture. They are made using Opal yarn, I believe it was the "Ladybug" colorway. It takes me forever to finish a pair of socks because I just don't get that much knitting time, and last year I made a lot of Christmas presents. I used size 1 bamboo dpns on these:

I used a pattern from Dawn's Dream Designs called "Shapely Secrets Socks" by Dawn Adcock. I found her on the Internet at this link: I know all you bloggers out there know how to hide the link under a word, but I have no clue how to do that, or the time to figure it out :} I will eventually, I'm sure. Anyway, it's a great pattern. It it basically a plain-vanilla sock pattern but with strategically placed decreases to make the sock be a little more form-fitting to hug your leg and ankle better. I wore the sock to work yesterday and it was very comfortable.

I am planning on knitting more Christmas presents this year, but maybe not as many. I am going to make my foray into knitted dishcloths for my dad's significant other (what do you call them when they are in their 70's?) and maybe a scarf for my favorite barista. I have a couple of friends at work that I should probably make something for as well. My daughter is getting her knitted Christmas presents early with all this HP stuff!!!!

Today we are off to buy a winter coat using the coupons I get for walking to work at least once a week, they can be used at several establishments including REI, so that is where we are looking for a coat (of course for my daughter - can you tell she is a high priority in my life?) We also need to find some long-sleeved shirts or sweaters for her, since the weather is cooling off.

Have a good weekend!!

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