Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Am A Pathetic Blogger!

So much for my attempts at blogging more often. It's been a couple of months, so what have I been up to? I am almost done with a baby blanket for a co-worker. That's what I've been spending all my time on these winter nights. Watching American Idol (go David Cook!!), Dancing With the Stars (go Kristy Yamaguchi!) and knitting this blanket. I am almost done, so I will post a picture before the baby shower, which is May 15th. I also have a pair of socks in the works, but haven't been working on them much. I'm down to kitchenering the toe of the first sock, and then I will immediately!!!! start the second :}

And I just found out that the wife of ANOTHER co-worker is pregnant. Geez. I can't knit anything for myself because I keep spending my (precious little) knitting time on baby gifts. Not that I don't enjoy knitting them, but I don't have much to show for my time!

Right now I am excited about a new (to me) knitting book I bought yesterday. It is called "Sarah Dallas Knitting" and I found it at Half Price Books in Crossroads Mall (this is in Bellevue, WA). It was only six bucks, and it's in great, just about perfect shape! Full retail was almost $30! I so love that store. And I absolutely love a ton of the patterns in the book - it is arranged around color themes, and each color group has blankets, cardigans, socks, pillows, etc. I especially like Blanket Cardigan, just about all the afghan patterns, and of course all the sock patterns. Although I noticed that the socks are made of wool that has to be hand-washed, so that's not for me. But I could use the general pattern idea with superwash sock yarn.

I even like the pillow patterns, and I don't usually like the idea of making pillows. But there is something about these that I like.

Maybe I like all these because I grew up not too far from the ocean in the Bay Area of California, and we spent a lot of time at the beach. Her inspiration for the patterns in this book was a vacation near Dorset, England (which I assume is near the ocean, since there are lots of ocean pictures in the book). The atmosphere of the book just speaks to me, I guess!

We'll see when I actually get to knitting any of these patters, lol!! But I can dream.