Sunday, June 11, 2006

One Down, One To Go!!

I finally managed to find the time to take & upload some pictures of my current project. It was a sock-in-progress until tonight, but I just grafted the toe so now I have to start the 2nd sock. As I was grafting, my daughter was sitting next to me chanting "knit, knit, knit!" She loves these socks, and wants me to hurry up and knit the 2nd one so she can wear them. Can we just pause to reflect for a moment that my 11-year old daughter and I can wear the same size socks? Good grief!

I'm glad she likes them, because I am not really sure I like them very much. They actually look better in the picture than they do in real life. I think they have too much gold in them for my taste, although I do like how the stripey pattern turned out. I was able to finish this sock up this weekend because my daughter spent Saturday night at a sleepover birthday party, so I had all of Saturday evening and Sunday morning to myself! I watched "Memoirs of a Geisha" while I knit last night. I enjoyed the movie, but I wasn't completely riveted to it, so it was perfect for watching & knitting at the same time. I spent most of today doing chores & errands, but made a special effort to get the toe grafted so I can start the second sock this week. I will be anxious to get the 2nd sock done now, so I can start on socks *I* want. I recently bought some Opal "Ladybug" yarn that I am REALLY looking forward to starting. She's not getting those!!

Knit, Knit, Knit!! Get those fingers flying!

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